*brRsl dec* Brioche Right Slant Decrease (brkRsl dec)

Brioche right slant decrease (brRsl dec or brkRsl dec) is a bit more complicated than brioche left slant decrease.

It is worked on 3 stitches:
- on the sides there are two knit stitches in main color yarn, with yarn overs in contrast color
- and between these two there is a purl stitch in contrast color.

So, working on these 3 brioche stitches, the right slant decrease can be done in 6 steps:
1) slip knitwise the first brioche stitch (in brioche knitting the stitch and the yarn over from the previous row are considered as one stitch)
2) knit the next brioche stitch
3) pass the slipped stitch over
4) slip the stitch to the left needle
5) pass over the next brioche stitch (with the yarn over)
6) slip the stitch to the right needle


1) Malabrigo Rios color 872 Purpuras
2) Malabrigo Worsted color 247 Whale’s Road


4.5mm - US 7 Chiaogoo 5" interchangeable needles with 14" cable