*Pine trees* Knitting Patterns

The pattern forms a nice looking hem for garments. It could look better only if you have the will and desire to add some crochet stitch at the hem.


Kartopu Zambak


4mm - US 6


Marker (m), tapestry needle


k - knit
p - purl
yo - yarn over
skp - slip, knit, pass
k2tog - knit 2 together

Pine Trees - Knitting Stitch


Cast-on a multiple of 9 + 2 stitches for symmetry

(On the wrong side you can just remember to purl across)

Row 1: k1, *k1, yo, k2, skp, k2tog, k2, yo; rep from*, k1  
Row 2, 4: purl across  
Row 3: k1, *yo, k2, skp, k2tog, k2, yo, k1; rep from*, k1

Repeat rows 1-4 until reached the desired length of the garment

Full Chart:

Pine Trees - Full Chart