Easy Knit Hat

This hat is very easy to knit since you only have to know the knitting basics to accomplish it.

Finished Size:

14" (36 cm) wide x 12" (30 cm) deep after blocking


Malabrigo Worsted shade 247 Whale's Road


3.5mm - US 4 and 5mm - US 8 Chiaogoo 4” interchangeable needles with 8” and 22" cables


Marker (m), tapestry needle


19 sts and 38 rows = 4” (10 cm) in 1x1 rib blocked


k - knit
p - purl
k2tog - knit 2 together
sl1 wyib - slip 1 pwise with yarn in back
st(s) - stitch(es)
LH - left hand
RH - right hand

Easy Knit Hat


(20 repeats x 4 stitches) + 1 st for joining the round = 81 sts 
Join to work in the round and place marker

1. Brim:
Rib round: k1, p1
Repeat the rib round until hat measures 4" (10 cm) or more/less if desired.

2. Pattern:
Round 1: k3, p1
Round 2: k1, p1
Repeat rounds 1-2 until hat measures 11" (28 cm) from cast-on edge or more/less if desired.

3. Crown:
Round 1: sl1wyib, [k2tog] rep to 1 st before marker, k2tog the last stitch of the round and the first stitch of the round that was slipped in the beginning
Round 2: k across
Round 3: k2tog
Round 4: k across
Round 5: k2tog
Round 6: k across

Bind-off: k1, slip the stitch from the RH needle to the LH needle and afterwards slip one by one all the remaining stitches over this stitch. Cut the yarn leaving a tail that you pass through the only stitch on the needle and pull on it to tighten the stitch around the yarn end. Weave in the ends.


  1. I finally finished my first hat! Thank you so much, this pattern was great. Definitely great for beginners!!


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